Live streaming RedIRIS JJTT 2012 conference with Galicaster

02 Dec Live streaming RedIRIS JJTT 2012 conference with Galicaster

TELTEK was proudly selected by RedIRIS (the Spanish NREN) as the company to stream and record this year’s JJTT-2012 conference.

The JJTT conference is the annual Spanish Universities’ IT staff conference. Organized by RedIRIS, JJTT-2012 took place in Bilbao (Spain) on 28 and 29 November. The RedIRIS workgroups also had their customary meeting on the two previous days (26 and 27 Nov.) in the same venue.

All the events on those 4 days were streamed live, recorded and published. Just a few minutes after a talk ended, its recording was already available as VoD in a “Side by Side” (single stream) format, and as a full multistream MH recording on the next day.

Some figures:

  • More than 400 “physical” attendees
  • More than 1100 different IPs connected to live streams
  • More than 60 presentations streamed and recorded
  • More than 4000 VoD downloads on the week after

Live streaming and recording of JJTT 2012 was done using:
* Galicaster as the recording and streaming solution
* Wowza Media Server as the streaming server.
* Opencast-Matterhorn as the multistream engine.
* Paella Player as the HTML5 player for Matterhorn.
* PuMuKIT as the media management framework.

We hope that this real-world use case can contribute to the success of the OC-MH and Galicaster projects.

Official meeting “video-clip”: