Galicaster Video Platform

Powerful, multi-view ready, video recording, streaming and management platform

The perfect solution for Lecture capture, Conference recording and Remote training

What is the GALICASTER “Multi-View” Video Platform?


The GALICASTER Multi-View Video Platform is a full end-to-end multi-view video (MV-video) solution, from MV-video capture to manage, live-streaming or VoD publish. MV-video content is built of several synchronous videos recorded, stored and played together.


GALICASTER MV-video Platform is perfect for lecture capture, Remote training or Conference recording and streaming. You will be able to synchronously record and display the professor or presenter image, presentation Computer screen, document camera, etc..

GALICASTER “multi-view” video platform is made of two building blocks:

Galicaster Media Server

check-15All you need to process, manage and distribute your regular single videos and enriched Multiview videos in a single server.

check-15The easiest way to add MVvideo services to your organization. PowerOn, quick configuration and you are ready.

check-15Also available as a cloud solution. Quick and flexible deployment. Pay only for what you need. We grow with you.

check-15Based on trusted open source software: PMK video content manager and OC multistream engine




Galicaster Capture Agents

check-15The most flexible MVvideo recording and streaming Agents family.

check-15Record two or more synchronous media tracks from Video Cameras (HDMI, HDSDI, Composite ) or capturing computer displays (VGA, DVI, HDMI).

check-15Realtime media processing and enrichment: in video QR codes recognition, Slide change detection, OCR text extraction, etc…

check-15Portable and fixed deployment solutions. Full Kits available including all you need for a classroom or meeting room setup.




Galicaster “multi-view” Video Platform 

check The perfect solution for Lecture capture, Conference recording, Remote training, Advanced institutional video repositories and much more.


check Multi-view ready. Each recording or live-streaming can include multiple synchronous videos (presenter, presentation, audience, etc…)


check End-to-end video solution. From capturing to enriching, distributing and live-streaming. All multi-view ready.


check Based in open standards and Open software: Compatible with Opencast and PuMuKIT modules.