Galicaster Classroom KIT

All you need to set up a recording-ready classroom


check All you need to set up a classroom or hall ready for recording lectures


check Recording and Live Streaming of two HD video inputs Instructor (Camera) and Presentation (VGA or DVI)


check Powerful integrated touch-oriented user interface for recording and media management


check Ready for Opencast Matterhorn 1.3, 1.4 & 1.5 integration or standalone operation

What is Galicaster Classroom KIT (GaliClass-KIT)?


GaliClass-KIT is a complete set of hardware including all you need to set up a classroom ready for recording lectures. The KIT includes 1 Galicaster RACK unit and a complete Accesories Package (ClassAccPACK) including: HD-USB ceiling camera with its stand, rack unit, touchscreen stand and wireless microphone.

GC Classroom KIT working

GC Classroom KIT working

Common deployment scenario


The rack should be installed on the floor and solidly secured, away from usual audience paths. It is typically placed at one side of the board, on a convenient location near a power supply and a network socket. The recording unit (Galicaster RACK) should be placed inside the rack and connected to the building’s computer network using an appropiate Ethernet cable.



Camera Installation


The camera should be attached to the ceiling, according to the following recommendations:
The optimal camera position is typically about 5m ahead of the wall – the one being recorded- but this also depends on the board size, that should fit in the scene completely.
The angle formed between the horizontal axis at the height of the lecturer’s head and the straight line going from the camera to the lecturer’s head must be within 15° and 20°. This requirement is illustrated in the following image:





GaliClass-KIT can be connected to an Opencast Matterhorn cluster, thus providing a full remote scheduling system as well as automatic uploading, enrichment and publishing.


Galicaster, Matterhorn and Pumukit combined provide an end-to-end solution to record and publish your media adapted to multiple channels: YouTube, iTunesU, Flash and HTML5 Players, Moodle and other LMS.


Free fleet control solution available (Galicaster Dashboard).




  • 1 GaliRACK-DVI unit
  • 1 ClassAccPACK:
    – 10 or 12 Us RACK
    – Wireless Revolabs microphone
    –  17″ touchscreen + stand
    – HD Camera + ceiling stand



  GaliClass-KIT datasheet

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