Galicaster SW v1.1 released

26 Apr Galicaster SW v1.1 released

We are happy to announce this new release of the Galicaster software!

The Galicaster software turns an ordinary computer into a Galicaster device, as long as it meets the hardware recommendations provided in the release.  A Galicaster device is a  dual-stream (Video + VGA) recording device, designed to work with a touchscreen interface and including many interesting features.

It can work as an  improved  Opencast-Matterhorn Capture Agent.

Quoting one happy Galicaster user:

“Everybody here loves your fine software, it is very polished and gives the much-needed user interface to the
recording process. The touch-screen UI is just so inviting, people come into my room and just ask “what’s this thing you have” and start playing with it constantly.”

(Tero Kärkkäinen, Network systems administrator,  University of Helsinki)  

Galicaster can be used as an automatic in-room recording solution for the classroom, keeping the professor informed and in control, or it can be used as a mobile unit, perfect for recording meetings and conferences.

For those eager to give it a try, please access the Galicaster download section at:

We are keen to hear your feedback, suggestions, bug reports, etc… We hope that Galicaster project can be interesting to anyone interested in dualstream lecture and conference recording Galicaster v1.1 user interface flow: