Galicaster SW v1.0 released

29 Dec Galicaster SW v1.0 released

We are happy to announce the very first public release of the Galicaster software.

The Galicaster software turns an ordinary computer into a Galicaster device, as long as it meets the hardware recommendations provided in the release. A Galicaster device is a MH-compatible dual-stream recording device, designed to work with a touchscreen interface and including many interesting features.

In addition, TELTEK is going to provide ready-to-run Galicaster devices very soon. Keep posted.

Key features:

  • Live visual feedback of what is being recorded, including a vumeter for audio monitoring.
  • Remote monitoring of the recording, via VNC.
  • Finished recordings can be browsed, played, deleted or downloaded from Galicaster as a single “zip” file (MH-Media package format)
  • Recordings can be ingested directly to an standard OC-Matterhorn core for publishing.
  • Recording may be triggered automatically or manually.
  • Basic control of the recording in-place (start, pause, stop…)
  • Compatible with Matterhorn scheduling system.
  • Touchscreen interface.

Galicaster can be used as an automatic in-room recording solution for the classroom, keeping the professor informed and in control, or it can be used as a mobile unit, perfect for recording meetings and conferences.

For those eager to give it a try, please access the Galicaster download section at:

We are keen to hear your feedback, suggestions, bug reports, etc…

We hope that Galicaster project can be interesting to anyone interested in dualstream lecture and conference recording

Galicaster v1.0 user interface flow: