Galicaster Dashboard first alfa version released

23 Jun Galicaster Dashboard first alfa version released


As we announced in a previous Matterhorn Adopter Meeting, we are proud to announce the first alpha release of Galicaster Dashboard.

Galicaster Dashboard is a web-based application to monitor and manage a great number of Capture Agents. Based on an original idea of our colleagues at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, it has been completely refactored by TELTEK developers and converted into a OSGI bundle, so that it can be easily installed in Matterhorn. It makes use of the Opencast Matterhorn capture agent API, so any implementation (including the standard capture agent and Galicaster), can be monitored by the Dashboard.

The main features of the dashboard are:

  • Clean interface that shows the state of all the agents at a glance.
  • A list view to see the important data in a tabular form.
  • A calendar view to easily manage the whole Matterhorn schedule. [1]
  • Find all the information at the Galicaster Dashboard site .

Screencast presenting the main features of Galicaster Dashboard

We would like to insist on the fact that this is an alpha version, so it provides a basic functionality so far. More features will come soon, as we move towards the 1.0 release. In the meanwhile, we are eager to hear your opinions, criticism, doubts or any other remark you’d like to make.

[1] The calendar will allow for scheduling new recordings by drag-and-drop from the list of agents.