Delivered MOOC-oriented Mini-Studio for UNED

23 Jan Delivered MOOC-oriented Mini-Studio for UNED

A Galicaster based Polimedia Mini-Studio was set up by TELTEK at UNED facilities in Madrid (Spain). This new Polimedia Mini-Studio will be focused on the production of MOOC-oriented “learning pills” for  UNED COMA and MiriadaX, the two MOOC platforms that UNED is engaged on.

  • Update April 2013:  UNED Mini-Studio goes over 1000 MOOC-oriented videos produced in less than 3 months!

About UNED:  ”The National Distance Education University” (UNED) in Spain, with more than 180.000 students arround the world, is one of the biggest Spanish speaking universities. Like The Open University in UK, it is fully focused on Distance Learning.

About MOOC Polimedia Mini-Studios: Polimedia is an audiovisual format and a production procedure designed originally by the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) Media Service. In Polimedia “learning pills”, the video of the presenter and his/her presentation (PowerPoint or any VGA Computer screen) are blended together in a visually appealing way. Polimedia format works great on mobile devices too.

Polimedia “Learning Pill” (recorded at University of Vigo’s Polimedia Mini-Studio)

Uned Mini-Studio

Uned Mini-Studio